About Us

CCTV-reseller.eu offers sales of CCTV equipment such as wireless surveillance systems and cameras and wired surveillance systems and cameras. We also offer NVR for recording and surveillance, as well as powerful network equipment to ensure the monitoring. We offer both wired and wireless (WiFi).
We offer installation assistance for different types of installations, but we also have many systems that are prepackaged and only need to be unpacked.

Everyone who works in CCTV-Reseller.eu /Tomsjo Consulting AB is controlled against the police register, and we have our own follow-up investigation to ensure security against customers and end customers. Due we are a security company, it is important that customers feel safe and trusted in our products and services (installation, support and procurement).

Historically, Tomsjo Consulting AB was established as a Telecom consulting company.
Operation, installation, support within Telecom. Customers where Telia, TDC / Tele2.
The company was registered as AB(Ltd) in 2014, after has grown from its former company form.
CCTV-Reseller.eu should be recognized by quality without overpricing. Our philosophy is that customers shall not pay extra for features / services due to its branding, but instead of quality, actual components, services and the need.

We have a large network of competence! For example, we are in direct contact with developers, support, sales, distribution etc. in several countries. Several of our products are manufactured after ordering!

“-We are a Swedish company with our Head office and main warehouse in Stockholm. With a larger distribution network within the European Union, we could be cost-effective and deliver smaller and larger quantities to you.”

We have a great organisation with good working people, from sales to support! Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our main swedish e-store: www.cctv-reseller.com
A part of Tomsjo Consulting AB.