1.3MP CCTV, WiFi Surveillance system, with 4 pcs Dome ip-cameras

 444 Inc. Vat in EU countries

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This surveillance system has 4 ip-cameras in Dome design. The surveillance cameras have a resolution of 1280×960.

Higher resolutions are available, but the 1280×960 should cover the most common needs of standard camera surveillance.

The camera housing is in IP66 class.

Should a surveillance camera be placed in such a way that it gets week signal, for example due to too long distances or concrete walls, all cameras are equipped with a network connector. I.e. all cameras also have the option to connect to your regular network, through a cable with RJ45 connector.

Many of our customers do not need to record activities. Some customers only want to monitor their surveillance cameras through the Mobile phone (iPhone or Android). Therefore, we have lifted the hard drive out of production, and you can therefore choose from the article (below) whether you want a hard drive or not installed to record activities.

This package we usually have for immediate delivery.

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4 * camera(1.3M)
1 * 4ch NVR
1 * 1M network cable (ST-UTP01)
1 * 12V 2A EU(ST-P200W) + 4 * 12V 1A EU power supply (ST-P100W)


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