WiFi Surveillance system, 8 Cameras, 720P, with NVR system

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This WiFi surveillance system includes eight WiFi and weatherproof cameras and a WiFi NVR, an NVR that you easily connect to your existing network. You get a surveillance cameras with a good image quality 1080×720 and a night vision up to 30 meters.

The cameras have been tested and classified as IP66, ie. they are weatherproof. The camera houses can be placed outdoors, provided that the cameras are within the range of NVR (WiFi).
The Surveillance system has a lot of features (see spec. Below). Among other things, these surveillance cameras have 3 array led lights per camera. Array Led, which is the successor to IR Led, makes the darker look more powerful and the lamps last longer.
The NVR and the cameras should reach a distance of 120m (open terrain). If you have problems with heavy concrete walls, etc., connect the affected camera with a network cable, as the cameras also support network cable (regular RJ45 connector).

This package is very easy to install and configure since the system is pre-configured, as the cameras find their NVR automatically wireless.
What you need to keep in mind is that each camera should have access to power nearby.

Would you like to record on a hard drive, please add a hard disk of the appropriate size in the order (the hard drive option is located at the bottom of this article). Upon completion of hard disk, we install the hard drive and ensure the function before shipping. It’s also okay if you buy an HDD by yourself and install yourself, but with reservation that warranty and support may be affected.

With an HDD, you can record when someone or something moves in front of the camera or as desired!
If you need a security system that allows you to monitor eight locations / cameras, this is a system we can recommend. Additionally, if you connect the system to your Internet via the RJ45 (network cable), you can monitor the cameras through your mobile phone (Android, IOS) remotely via the application that provided in this surveillance system (note that a lower speed upstream of your internet provider may affect the quality)

If you need a higher resolution of the system, we recommend the more powerful systems with a resolution of 1280×960 or 1920×1080, all of which are available in 8 cameras.


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