To buy a surveillance system

Thoughts about camera surveillance has crossed most of us! Do you need camera surveillance in the garden, back yard, garage, entrance door or workplace? The reasons can be many!

Whatever your needs are, you have come to the right place, since we provide you and other customers with the best CCTV-equipment.
The most demanded from us is complete surveillance systems with 4 or 8 surveillance cameras. In these surveillance systems you get everything you might need, including application to the mobile phone and therefore can monitor your surveillance system remotely and get notified through the mobile phone when something happens.

Before reading “Why Camera Monitoring?” below, we want to tell you that we use the best manufacturers within CCTV equipment. They are manufactured according to our own specification and features/services and components (e.g. SONY) and our manufacturing is certified according to the requirement of the certification on CCTV equipment. Each surveillance system and surveillance camera must be tested and approved before being shipped to our warehouse at

Our surveillance systems are manufactured in parallel with the world’s major brands within CCTV equipment. We keep the price down by not using Logos or any intermediaries.
When setting up our professional surveillance systems, for example. is a store, parking house or home, you will see the meaning of good quality and functions at the best price!

Why Camera surveillance?

There are various reasons for the need for camera surveillance at home, parking houses/ garage or at your workplace.
Camera surveillance itself is a very good way of preventing burglary and damage, as well as keeping individuals away who do not belong at the property or garage for example.
A good surveillance camera should have several features, including being able to see in the dark and that combined with features like digital motion detector in the surveillance camera.

Aside from the prevention of burglary, camera surveillance also prevents damage and intrusion of unauthorized persons in private land or area. When a situation arises, you need to rely on your equipment, and it provide the best picture and send a notification to you, and starts recording to a hard disk or so, if necessary!

We have all watched the television how crimes can be solved using surveillance systems, which are very helpful for the police when a crime has occurred. It may be to strengthen home breaks, but also for insurance purposes. An image and a film sequence as evidence is indisputable!

We do not currently sell hidden surveillance cameras, called “spy cam”! The reason for this is that camera surveillance should be preventive and used as a evidence or just surveillance of your property or such.
We do not want to encourage hidden surveillance, which in itself can be perceived as a violation of privacy. Therefore, it is important that we also inform you as a customer that it is a duty to inform that camera surveillance is conducted in camera-controlled areas.

What kind of camera surveillace:

Our surveillance systems are very complete, which means it has night vision, live streaming, motion detections, notifications, alarm etc.

Thoughts and decisions you need to take:

  • Should the surveillance system / surveillance camera be used indoors, outdoors or both?
  • How many cameras do we need?
  • Wi-Fi or wired with network cable?
  • How much will the surveillance system / surveillance camera cost?

Good to know is that none of our surveillance systems have any monthly fee or subscription! The only thing that could be an “fee”, is your broadband/internet connection. This is although unusual since most of us today have broadband/Internet connection by default, at your home or work. Otherwise, everything includes, for example. mobile application for streaming and alarm (notification) in the mobile etc. in all our surveillance cameras and surveillance systems.

What should you think about, when you purchase a surveillance system?

One of the most important features of a surveillance system with outdoor cameras is if the surveillance systems have been classified as weather resistant, ie. IP66. But there are several other factors to consider when choosing a surveillance system.

Here we have gathered a few points you may need to consider before choosing the best surveillance system for your home or business.

How many surveillance cameras do you need?
The camera’s viewing angle determines how much the camera can cover. Wider angled lenses help reduce the number of surveillance cameras required for total coverage of your property. Depending on the coverage you need and the viewing angle of each camera, you may need to purchase multiple surveillance cameras or larger surveillance system (kit) to monitor more territory around your home or business.

Does the surveillance camera have high quality video resolution?
Another factor to consider is the resolution of the surveillance camera and the surveillance system. Higher surveillance camera resolution, the clearer and easier the images are to see. Ideally, you need 720p (HD) or higher resolution for the clearest images. Keep in mind that if you connect the surveillance camera to an NVR, both NVR and surveillance camera need to be HD compatible to keep the image in the highest possible quality.

Does the security camera has night vision?
Camera surveillance at night is one of the most common uses for outdoor surveillance cameras. To get a high-quality image, you need a surveillance camera with infrared (IR) technology. All our models have a built-in IR switch that automatically activates and disables infrared technology depending on lighting conditions. The number of infrared LEDs used in a surveillance camera will help you determine how far a night vision interval a surveillance camera has. The new IR called Array Led has more powerful IR lamps with longer life. In addition, there is less Array Leds than IR leds in the camera.

Dome or Bullet camera?
There are two main types of surveillance cameras, Dome or Bullet. It is harder to determine the direction of a Dome IP-camera, which can help to interfer a potential intruder for example in a garage/parking house. Another thing to consider regarding the type of surveillance camera is whether you want to mount it on the ceiling or wall. Although both types of IP-camera works for wall and ceiling, it can have an aesthetic impact. For example for garages/parking houses we recoment Dome cameras that hare vandal proof.

Does the surveillance system or the surveillance camera have sufficient recording capacity?
If you want to record activities around your home, garage or company, you need a surveillance system with a built-in hard drive or cloud recording features. Our NVR monitoring system also has the ability to record against hard disk drives. An NVR records your surveilled areas on your device’s hard drive, making it quick and easy to review your recordings as needed.

Do you want to access the surveillance system through your mobile device (iOS / Android)?
Our monitoring system can directly stream image/video directly to your mobile phone (iPhone or Android). If you want to be able to watch remotely or you stay away for longer periods, this is a valuable feature (for example vaccations).

Do you want a wireless surveillance system, or surveillance cameras wired with a network cable?
Our wireless surveillance cameras are easy to install and relocate. Our wired surveillance cameras are easy to install, but you need to link them with a network cable. Wired surveillance cameras tends to provide a clearer and more stable image than their wireless surveillance cameras. On the other hand, all our IP-cameras and surveillance systems are manufactured for an easy installation!

How much do you want to pay?
A good surveillance camera usually costs around a €100-€200, while in other stores it costs several several times more. Our cheaper surveillance system costs €400 and in other stores could cost several thousends of €/euro for a surveillance system with 4 or 8 surveillance cameras. We have good products for indoor/outdoor use with lots of features.
Whether you want a simple surveillance camera or a full surveillance system/package of IP-cameras and an NVR that will be the central part of the surveillance system, we got it all!

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!
We are confident you will be pleased with the security we deliver to you (with DHL 24-48 hours after ordering)!